Computer Technology Services
Computer Technology Services

200 Great Oaks BLVD, Suite 211
Albany, NY 12202
Call: (518)­ 869-3591
200 Great Oaks BLVD, Suite 211
Albany, NY 12202
Call: (518)­ 869-3591
200 Great Oaks BLVD, Suite 211
Albany, NY 12203
Call: (518)­ 869-3591

CTS Job Openings



Full-Stack Developer

We are looking for software engineers with web development experience particularly with Angular
and Node.JS. You will work with a team of experienced developers to solve
technical challenges and advance platforms.

If you enjoy tackling challenging projects of various size, collaborating with other developers,
taking a sense of ownership of your code, and continually improving your and
your team's capabilities, then our creative and professional work environment
is for you.



·Test-drives awesome code, working closely with other Agile team

·Gets things done. Takes ownership of tasks when others do not.
Helps drive the completion of all kinds of work tasks.

·Helps break down, estimate, and provide just-in-time design for
small increments of work.

·Builds a strong team using their collaboration skills.

·Promotes improvements in version control, continuous
integration, project build, and project automation.

·Pair programs with different people in many situations.

·Performs root cause analysis, technology evaluation, and design

·Provides direction and shares knowledge with team members in
areas of expertise

·Continuously learns, and is unafraid to learn new practices,
processes, technologies, and languages.

·Continuously acts to enhance knowledge of new technologies,
business processes, and project management skills, staying abreast of trends,
latest industry developments and knowledge sharing among colleagues.

·Provides development and support for portions of one or more applications
which may span multiple product or platform development teams.

·Commits to completing well-defined work, and delivers on those

·Participates in weekly iteration demos for product managers

·Reports status of assigned software development and/or
maintenance tasks

·Consistently follows software development methodology



·Bachelor degree in Computer Science, Information Technology or
Engineering and recent, relevant work experience

·Minimum 3 years software development experience including 1
years of combined Java and/or JavaScript programming experience

·Direct working experience with Graph database along with Java
development and big data knowledge

·Knowledge of and desire to work in an Agile development

·Thorough understanding of and experience in object oriented
design and programming

·Familiarity with wide portfolio of software development
applications, environments and languages

·Experience using source code control systems, such as Git,
Subversion, or CVS

·Knowledge of XML parsing, and/or DOM traversal.

·Strong verbal and written English communication skills required

·Creative problem solving skills and ability to effectively
communicate and translate feedback, needs and solutions

·Must have strong teamwork orientation and the ability to foster
collaboration within and across teams

·Must be sensitive to cultural differences in interactions and in
the way work is done

·Needs good work ethic and strong sense of ownership of end

·May require up to 10% travel, including international travel


·Advanced degree preferred

·Experience with Agile development methodologies, including XP
methods such as Test Driven Development and pair programming

·Experience with JavaScript frameworks, such as Backbone.js,
JavaScript MVC, jQuery, etc.

·Experience with Advanced JavaScript (including prototype-based
inheritance, event delegation, closures, AJAX, JSON)

·Experience with a variety of Database Systems, such as LDAP,
Oracle, Sybase, MongoDB, NoSQL

·Knowledge of search engine development, particularly with Lucene
as a component

·Understanding of Web Standards, Accessibility, and command of
Semantic markup (XHTML, HTML5)

·Passion for working in the academic, professional or library
markets, and experience with technologies within those markets such as LMS,
eReaders, OPAC, OpenURL, and SRU/SRW

·Experience developing for mobile devices

How to Apply

Please email resume to